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Bradley Dworkin

Explains Your Basic Rights

Most workers who are injured in Illinois are not aware of their rights under the law. If you suffer injuries on the job, benefits you are entitled to include:

  • Temporary disability payments. You may be entitled to receive temporary total disability payments (weekly payments equaling 67% of your weekly salary) if forced to miss work.
  • Your choice of Doctors. You may see 2 doctors of your choice. Your employer should pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses of these doctors. Should these doctors refer you to other doctors, your employer must pay these expenses as well.
  • Permanent disability benefits. You may be entitled to permanent disability benefits, representing a settlement for your injuries.

In addition to your basic rights, the Workers Compensation Act governs other aspects of workers compensation law. The Illinois Industrial Commission rules on these cases, and thousands of cases that the Illinois courts have ruled on establish the legal precedent for future claims.

Bradley Dworkin

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